Meet SpyderX -
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Monitor calibration that fits your needs: SpyderX Pro for advanced color calibration or SpyderX Elite for even more customization options, giving you maximum color control.
SpyderX Tool Suites for convenience + cost-savings: SpyderX Capture Pro and SpyderX Photo Kit for precision color capture and editing, or SpyderX Studio to include print perfection in the mix, too.


Why you should calibrate
your monitor

Photography is a labor of love, and we know a lot goes into every shot you take. Don’t let an uncalibrated monitor get in the way of achieving your vision.

With SpyderX, you can be sure that what you see on screen is the most accurate representation of the shot you took. When you start editing and you know the color on your monitor is accurate, you can confidently control every aspect of your image. And when it’s time to print, your output will match what you are seeing on screen and better reflect your creative vision.

What makes SpyderX the
best Spyder ever


Based on years of research, SpyderX is a completely new, more accurate way of measuring color. Our groundbreaking lens-based color engine technology features higher light sensitivity and more advanced sensors, so you can experience significantly more precise screen color, white balance and shadow detail.


Whether you are looking for a quick calibration or an expertly customized color profile, SpyderX gives you easy-to-use solutions. SpyderX Pro offers One-click Calibration and Step-by-step Assistant modes. SpyderX Elite offers these modes plus an Expert Console mode with unlimited calibration choices. Both Spyder models feature interactive help every step of the way.


SpyderX allows you to calibrate multiple laptops and desktop monitors and supports the latest display technologies, so you can be confident that your colors are always accurate no matter which of your computers or displays you are working on. SpyderX Elite can also calibrate front projectors and features StudioMatch™, which creates a target that is shareable between attached displays and other computers.


With our SpyderProof feature, you’ll see the difference right before your eyes. Just one click allows you to compare your monitor colors before and after calibration and see the nuances that matter most. Try it with a Datacolor composite image or upload your own favorite photos. With SpyderX Elite, you can even see images full screen.


SpyderX features an integrated ambient light sensor that can measure your room light throughout the day allowing you to adjust your display brightness and contrast to ideal levels. The software can either warn you to recalibrate or do it automatically using custom profiles based on light level. Both SpyderX Pro and Elite feature 5 levels of ambient light adjustment.


It’s important to know how your monitors perform during color-critical work. With the SpyderX Display Analysis feature, you can better understand the color, brightness, contrast, gamut, tone response and white point of your monitors. With SpyderX Elite, you can also check screen brightness and color uniformity and display color accuracy.


Your on-screen images may look different when you print or view them on other devices such as tablets. Softproof, only available with SpyderX Elite, lets you simulate and view these changes on your calibrated screen. For printers, you can see how prints will look for a specific printer model, paper and ink, and upload ICC printer profiles.

“I spend a few hours getting something ready to print and I want the print to match the screen, otherwise, what’s the point of all that work?”

-Ned Weinshenker

SpyderX Tool Suites

SpyderX Studio is the essential all-in-one photographic workflow solution for precision control from capture, to editing to print. Includes SpyderX Elite monitor calibrator, Spyder Cube for white balance and RAW conversion, and Spyder Print for output.

SpyderX Capture Pro is the ultimate color management tool kit for photographers, providing all the essentials needed to precisely manage color in your workflow from capture through editing. Includes SpyderX Elite monitor calibrator, Spyder LensCal lens calibrator, Spyder Cube for white balance and RAW conversion and Spyder Checkr for camera color calibration for consistent color.

SpyderX Photo Kit - Everything you need to optimize your photos in one convenient and cost-effective package. Ensure precise color, depth and detail for all your photos from capture through post-production. Includes SpyderX Elite monitor calibrator, Spyder Cube for white balance and RAW conversion and Spyder Checkr 24 for camera color calibration for consistent color.

You can enjoy all-in-one ease with SpyderX Tool Suites that have everything you need for color management throughout your workflow.

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Which SpyderX is best for me

SpyderX Pro monitor calibration tool packaging

SpyderX Pro

Advanced Monitor

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SpyderX Elite monitor calibration tool packaging

SpyderX Elite

Expert Monitor

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Feature Description
Single Click & Wizard Calibration Capability Fast & easy calibration modes
Multiple Monitor Support Supports calibration of multiple displays
Ambient Light Monitoring & Profile Switching Can adjust for room light changes
Before and After Calibration Review Shows before & after comparison of display calibration
Display Mapping & Analysis Tools Basic Advanced Offers tools to check the quality of your display
Calibration Setting Choices 12 Unlimited Calibration options (combinations of gamma, white point and brightness)
Expert Console Calibration All-in-one calibration control panel
Video & Cinema Calibration Targets Calibration targets for motion work
Soft Proof of Print Results Soft proofing with print output preview
Projector Calibration Calibrates digital projectors
Display Matching in Studio Defines a studio standard for all displays to be matched (StudioMatch)
Visual Fine Tuning for Side-by-side Display Match Precisely tune side-by-side displays


  • SpyderX sensor
  • Welcome Card with link to software download and warranty information
  • Unique serial number to activate software
  • Link to online demonstrations, user guide, videos and support
  • Windows 7 32/64 and above
  • Mac OS X 10.10 and above
  • Monitor Resolution 1280×768 or greater
  • 16-bit video card (24-bit recommended)
  • 1GB of available RAM
  • 500MB of available hard disk
  • Internet connection for software download

English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean


All recent computer display types
Learn More

Supported Display Technologies – FAQ

How Do I Determine My Display Backlight Type?
SpyderX asks you to choose the backlight type used in your display, in order to produce a more precise calibration. Display Manufacturers are not always clear about display technology. The process below will assist in finding the right backlight type to select in your SpyderX software.

How do I Find My Display Information?
Do a web search on the manufacturer and model number of your display. Find the manufacturer’s info for your model either on their own site, or on a reseller site.

Is My Display Wide Gamut LED?
First check to see if the display is described as “Wide Gamut”, “AdobeRGB Gamut”, “AdobeRGB Color Space” or “% AdobeRGB” with a percentage number greater than 80%. If so, your display is Wide LED. With Apple Displays, being called “Display P3” or “P3 Color” describes a wide gamut display. For non-Apple displays, please check the section on Blue Green LEDs below, as there are a few Wide Gamut Displays built using BG LED technology, which may calibrate a bit better with that setting selected.

Is My Display Standard Gamut LED?
If your display is not described with any of the Wide Gamut, AdobeRGB or P3 descriptions above, but is described with the term LED, then it’s a Standard LED display. If it is not described as LED, but was manufactured in the last several years, its Standard LED anyways, as that is the current method used to manufacture screens.

Is My Display a Pre-LED Screen?
Apple displays before 2009, and other displays of a similar, or slightly newer age, may have CCFL fluorescent backlights. There are not a lot of such displays still in use, as the fluorescent tubes tend to dim or burn out with age. If your display info includes the terms “CCFL” or “Fluorescent”, or if it is from that era, then choose General as your display type, and consider purchasing a new display in the near future.

Is My Display a Green Blue LED Screen?
Green Blue LEDs were first manufactured in 2013 and are fairly rare. LG developed the technology and used it in its AH-ISP screens, under its own name, and also in Dell displays such as the U3014 and UP2716D. Samsung PLS panels also used BG LED technology. If your wide gamut display info does not mention “BG-LED” “AH-ISP” or “PLS”, or is from another manufacturer, then it’s unlikely it’s BG LED, and can be best characterized as Wide LED.

What If I’m Calibrating a Projector?
Projectors will not show significant effect from these settings. Using General for all projectors is recommended.

  • USB 1.1, USB 2.x and USB 3.x
  • USB A plug, also compatible with USB A>C adaptors for use in USB C ports
SpyderX hardware shown as it appears when you open the box, including USB cable